Branded Content – Is It A Good Strategy To Consider?

Branded content is a form of advertisement marketing that promotes a particular business through their media-centric approach. In the marketing industry, it has become a divisive issue because some people argue that this form of marketing strategy is giving a bad name to the content marketing. Whereas some people states that this kind of media-centric approach can help return something significant to the content marketing if it is done well.

How It Can Be Beneficial!

There is a debate regarding the form of branded marketing. Some people acknowledge it as the content marketing, or some people like to call it advertising. Whatever it is, the truth is branded marketing is potent enough to generate live views, which is why many brands engage with a specialist content agency. Since the introduction in 2001 branded content has worked in an excellent way of promoting a specific brand. It’s just like an advertisement, but the difference is people has to read them rather than only watching and listening to them.

Present Scenario

Recently branded content is seeing some sloth in their rapid speed due to lack of entertaining and engaging content. Authors are not so able to write a unique and attractive piece of writing. However, ‘Branded Content Award’ CEO Phil Thomas has argued that the present scenario will change soon and the industry will see a boom in branded content.

Recent Statistics

According to surveys, it has been observed that almost 23% of social media message sent each day branded content. According to a study in 2009 Out of 100 customers, nearly 24% loves to read branded content rather than seeing advertise. This trend is rising day by day. Now a day this trend is increasing rapidly. Today almost 49% of customers love to read. Statistics has seen that authentic and unique content goes viral faster than any other mode of campaigning.

These are the most important aspect you need to mind while choosing branded content for promoting your brand. It may not give you instant limelight but once it goes viral; you will see yourself at the top of success.